Nutritious the texture

Protective creams not only serve as a protective barrier; but also, to improve the softness, elasticity and firmness of the skin Goji Cream Review; and in addition, they contribute to a better penetration of the active substances.

The richer and more nutritious the texture, the greater its barrier effect. Until recently, protective creams were thick and greasy; However, now they are light, matt and much more effective, thanks to the latest generation ingredients, such as those derived from silicone, fine and light substances create a protective and invisible film on the skin.

The creams and regenerating products are normally applied at night to repair the skin of the aggressions suffered during the day Goji Cream Review; or as a shock treatment when the skin is especially damaged, after an illness, a holiday in the sun or in the snow, or at a time of special tiredness or stress.